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    Map module auto tags photos to end of tracklog not at correct location? - Examples included


      I have a folder of files that were all taken from the air at the same time at the flight was logged - the navigation program on the ipad exports a gpx file that loads up into LR5 with no issues .. it shows up on the map and gives a rollover mouse hint of the corrected (british summer time) time and not the UTC gps time. I've not used the time offset - I assume LR can work out my mac is on BST and compensates automatically.


      The times on my photos match up (within a minute or so) to their expected location on the track and all fall within the start and end of the corrected BST times.


      Now no matter how many pictures I select in the filmstrip hitting 'Auto Tag selected photo(s)' put all the pictures into a single location exactly at the end of the tracklog. This clearly isn't right but for the life on me I can't see where I'm going wrong.


      Ive uploaded a screenshot .. the tracklog and a few of my photos to the following dropbox folder Dropbox - LR example files and I wonder if anyone would be good enough to see if they can duplicate my issue or do it right.. Which may give me a clue as to whats going wrong.


      Many Thanks in Advance


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          Witt H

          I tried to look at the things that you uploaded to Dropbox but I couldn’t (Error message: "The file you're looking for has been moved or deleted”). However, I’m assuming from what you wrote that, when you loaded the tracklog file into Lightroom, Lightroom displayed a track on the map that looked reasonably correct to you as to the course you recorded. The times you moused over on the map aren’t UTC times from the GPX tracklog file; they are the UTC times, offset for the timezone set on your computer as you are working in Lightroom. These same “Tracklog" times will also appear in the Offset Time Zone dialog box. Unless your computer is set to the same timezone as was the GPS device with which you created the GPX tracklog file (I believe your iPad running the navigation program), you will need to move the Offset to bring the tracklog times in the dialog box into alignment with Selected photos times displayed above the Tracklog times.The Tracklog times in the Offset Time Zone dialog box will display in red until you have done so.