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    Why is the left hand window and bar with the buttons for TOC/Search/Glossary not displaying in one client location?


      Greetings all:


      I have more years of experience with RoboHelp than I want to admit, but I have never run into this before. I have a published RoboHelp 9 project for an overseas client that displays exactly as it should when the published version is viewed by myself or another RoboHelp developer (not located where I am). However; the users at 1 of 2 two client sites do not see the left hand TOC window or the bar above the project with the buttons (the other site does see it). The users at both sites are using Internet Explorer 9, and I have been told there is no difference in their security set-up. I suspect that at the site where it is not displaying there is a security setting that is throwing it off, but I am not sure what to have them look for. Anyone have any ideas?



      W. Keith