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    RH 11 to Technical Comm Suite Conversion?

    zeppm Level 1

      I'm going to make a whole bunch of people jealous here, but here goes...


      I landed my dream job as a full-time permanent tech writer with a software company of 47 employees and started last week.  They had a programmer who doubled as a tech writer and did all of his authoring directly in RoboHelp 8.  I'm the only tech writer for this company now, as this other programmer is needed to do programming full-time.


      Since we have a major release and update of all of our products coming up in December of this year, I asked my manager if we could upgrade to RoboHelp 11.  He not only is willing to do that, but for the little bit more money, he wants us to get Technical Communication Suite 5 so that I can also be the sole instructional designer using Captivate and the sole webinar teacher using Presenter.  Yay, job security!  Maybe I can go for a whole year without getting laid off


      Here's my question - Should I continue to author in RH11, or is it possible to "back author" the soon-to-be-old content from RH11 to Frame 12?  I've had wonderful experiences in the past using Frame to RH, but I've never done it the other way around.  My manager does want print documentation, and he does want content to be mobile device friendly in the future, but not for the December release.


      Would it be worth it to put all of that content in Frame 12 now so that in time to come it will be easier to update for smaller releases?  We have one big release a year, and smaller ones at other times during the year when needed.


      Thank you!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          It's my own understanding that Frame is intended and geared toward massive documentation sets. Back author if you like, but if it isn't broke...


          In my mind it's like saying I've got this perfectly fine pickup truck, but what if I choose to switch to the tractor trailer?


          But mine is just one opinion. I'm sure there will be others...


          Cheers... Rick

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            zeppm Level 1

            Captiv8r, I think you make an excellent point, and I'm highly inclined to agree with you, as RH11 does now provide excellent print output.


            Adobe employees / marketers, please chime in, as this is a great marketing opportunity for you to sell to my manager and me.  We are using your trial version of TechComm 5 right now and will be making a decision in the next week or two as to whether to stick with RH11 or go with the Suite.  We don't have an immediate need for Captivate, Presenter, or Frame.

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              Hi Zeppm,


              Could you please share with us with your contact details and let us know a suitable time to call?




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                zeppm Level 1

                We ended up sticking with RH11.  I tried an experiment with backward converting RH11 to Frame, and it was UGLY!  I'm fortunate enough to have had a predecessor who knew what he was doing, so I might as well stick with what is already working well and not mess with it.  I like RH11, and it does all the print functionality we need.

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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Hello again


                  Just a note to say that even though you would upgrade to the "suite", there is nothing about the suite that would prevent you in any way from continuing with RoboHelp 11. It's just that you would have Framemaker available but would ignore using it.


                  Something about the reply leads me to believe that you possibly think that because Adobe puts forth the workflow of originating content in Frame, then having information flow out into RoboHelp and other, that this is how you MUST work with the suite.


                  If Captivate and Presenter are on the plate, you would be silly to forgo the suite as you would be getting a much better deal with the suite package.


                  Cheers... Rick

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                    zeppm Level 1

                    Yes, you know, the funny thing was, I was LOOKING for an excuse to use Frame.  I like Frame.  Knowing Frame got me the longest tech writing job of my life.  We're still talking about the suite, because I'm also a Captivate fan (from same long-term tech writing job), and with my new company growing and my having an instructional background, we may have a use for that down the road, hopefully sooner than later.  I'm really tired of getting laid off, and now that I finally have my foot in the door at a company that actually celebrates keeping employees on board long-term, I'm doing all I can to make sure they never want to get rid of me.