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    Online in-depth PS Course (not free)




      I have been using PS for about a year now and am becoming quite proficient. I have found lots of tutorial videos online that have helped immensely. However, I would like to formalize my learning because I am sure there are fundamentals that I have missed.


      My company provides $1000 per year in tuition reimbursement. There used to be a requirement that the education had to be job-specific, but that has been lifted now. Last year I completed the NYIP photography course and now am looking for a similar PS course.


      I find that I learn more effectively with a series of one or two hour classes a week or so apart, rather than an immersive one or two day course. I would also prefer to work online, rather than in a classroom setting as my work schedule is often erratic. I am ok starting with a complete beginner's course. I would prefer the emphasis to be on photography post-processing rather than graphic design, but some graphic design in the syllabus would be ok. If there could be testing and/or reviews along the way, that would be great as I think it would motivate me more. A certification at the end is not that important, but would be nice.


      Also, $1000 is not my entire budget, it's just what I get reimbursed.


      If you have any suggestions or recommendations, they would be most appreciated! Thank you