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    onMouseDown function loads all buttons

      I learned to make these simple but cool buttons on a tutorial last night, but the tutorial failed to complete the training by explaining how to make a down action and how to make that down action go to a hyperlink or two a different place on the timeline. I intuited the down action, which seems almost right - it just activates the down frames for all the buttons instead of just the one you are clicking.
      View or download here:

      Here is the...
      Action Script:
      b1.onRollOver = over;
      b1.onRollOut = out;
      b1.onMouseDown = down;
      b1.buttText.buttonText.text = "HOME";

      b2.onRollOver = over;
      b2.onRollOut = out;
      b2.onMouseDown = down;
      b2.buttText.buttonText.text = "PORTFOLIO";

      b3.onRollOver = over;
      b3.onRollOut = out;
      b3.onMouseDown = down;
      b3.buttText.buttonText.text = "ABOUT";

      b4.onRollOver = over;
      b4.onRollOut = out;
      b4.onMouseDown = down;
      b4.buttText.buttonText.text = "CONTACT";

      function over() {

      function out() {

      function down() {