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    Lightroom mobile for standalone Lightroom 5?




      It seems that Lightroom mobile is not possible (except 30-day trial) to get for standalone desktop license of Lightroom 5. If this is true, how can I get refund of Lightroom 5 license, when buying the cloud license? It would be fair to allow this refund, since if I would have known this limitation, I would have taken directly the cloud license (if that was available in Dec 2013?). After all, in the cloud license/subscription, the Lightroom version 5 is the same as I have now on my PC as a standalone.


      So how I can I start using the Lightroom mobile without paying for the Lightroom 5 twice? (when already having the full license for the standalone Lightroom 5). If it is only available via the Creative cloud subscription, how I could convert/get refund this full Lightroom 5 license into a Creative cloud subscription?