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    A few Problems/Glitches with InDesign CC 2014 on Windows 7 and CC on Mac OS 10.6.8


      We're experiencing some quirky glitches with InDesign CC on a Mac running OS 10.6.8, and with CC 2014 on Windows 7. I'll indicate which system on each problem...


      Anchored objects disappear when anchored into boxes that are, in turn, anchored into text flow.

      We publish catalogs and anchor all our images to the accompanying text so that as we remove/add products, all the text and images flow together. We have several instances in which we use a box to highlight certain products. In that box might be 1, 2, 3, or more products, each with anchored images. When we anchor those boxes within the main text flow, many of the images inside the box disappear. The anchors are still there but we can't see the images. This is happening on both systems.

      "Replace" field disappears when selecting anything from the “wildcard/special char.” menu in "find and replace". Windows.

      Shift click to unlock master page items bring background item to foreground.

      In CS4 and 5.5, if you shift-clicked to release an item from the master page, the top-most item was released. Now it seems as though the item that is farthest behind gets released first, which makes it impossible to select any other items if that one is a full-page background. Both systems.

      Double/triple clicking on a word to select it does nothing.

      You could literally click for 5 minutes and it wont select anything. You have to click off the box, use selection tool then click back onto the box and then it will work. You can move the cursor a few letters away and it will select the appropriate line or paragraph but it did not work this way in earlier versions. Both systems.

      Any suggestions, or is it something we're doing wrong?