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    When a checkbox is selected with multiple items, how do I display those items at the bottom of a page so that follow-up on checked boxes can occur




      My name is Shawn and I work for Pfizer, an enterprise client of yours. We have thousands of LifeCycle licenses, but I don't know whom to contact to get support so I'm posting my question here.


      I am creating a PDF form that lets the user check a box when the want to select a web metric they need set up for their website. What I'd like to do is, once a user has checked this box (there are over 100), all the boxes they've checked out of the 100 or so metrics pop-up / show up / dynamically generate at the bottom page, and have additional checkboxes next to them for the development teams "eyes only" that they will have to in turn, when the form is emailed to them filled out, select TEST and VERIFY checkbox for each metric showing that they've tested and verified the metric was configured, and then a text field prompting them to say HOW they tested and verified / what method.


      How do I do this using LiveCycle?