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    Advice on using Edge Animate & Interactive SVG to create an interactive map


      Hello folks, I'm hoping for some guidance on a complicated graphic. My org. has an existing interactive map which was created by a freelancer for us using Ruby and js. It's very nice but I wanted to see if it's possible to recreate using Edge Animate (both as a challenge to myself and as a way of being able to move ownership of it in-house). Here's the map:




      I have done a fair amount of work in Edge Animate but have mostly stuck with simple interactivity (play, repeat, navigation links, etc.) so this would be a stretch. But I'm thinking that the map itself (with various shadings) could be recreated using Edge Commons' Interactive SVG function. I would create the map in Illustrator as an svg with different layers for each group of states, which would then be activated by the buttons in Edge Animate. (The floating box could be done entirely in Animate.)


      So my questions are,


      - Does this seem doable, and has anyone done something similar?

      - How do I trigger the layer visibility toggle from Edge? There's a tutorial from Edge Commons which changes the color of an object by CSS, but it seems like it would be simpler to use layer visibility.

      - Some of the combinations of checkboxes result in States that are in multiple groups (resulting in a striped fill). I'm guessing I'd need to add some code to indicate that if buttons X and Y were both checked, a third combined layer would be shown. (A further complication is that each of the groups of buttons shuts off the other groups.)


      Alternately, it seems like I could also create each state as a series of differently-colored graphics which are then shown or hidden based on which buttons are checked (using arrays, maybe?), but that seems a messier due to the million separate images.


      Anyway, how would you approach this problem, I guess is my main question.


      Thanks very much.