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    effects causes choppy playback


      Hi Everyone,


      I am fresh and unexperienced user of Premiere Pro and get some problems with program during trial test. I will have more detailed questions soon but for know I just need advice:


      My laptop is Lenovo Y510P


      4 core intel i7-4700MQ 2,4 (3,4)ghz, 6M cache

      12g RAM

      SLI 2 x nvidia gt755 2GB DDR5

      1TB 5400rpm + 8GB SSHD

      windows 7



      1. after applying some effect f.e. lens distortion remover or rolling shutter repair the playback is heavily stuttering.

      2. Speeding up video over 200% causes the same as above


      I use only one effect on the clip same time, all the clips are on one track (I use just one).



      - are these effects so demanding, or is this computer (or some of components) to slow to work with Premiere Pro?

      - or might it be any system problem?


      I would like to buy a licence, but need to know if it's sense until I not have better computer.

      Thank you in advance



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          cc_merchant Level 4

          The disk setup is woefully inadequate. The rest is not stellar either. See Tweakers Page - What about Laptops?

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            12GB of ram is not enough for 2 GPU's and GPU acceleration. You really need more ram for that. I would also suggest increasing the ram besides cc_merchant's comments on the Disk setup. I would try setting the Nvidia control panel to just use 1 GPU for acceleration and select the primary. Then see if the performance changes much. Even though both GPU's are not used for playback just enabling the 2nd will still lock down ram for the 2nd GPU.




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              mchale Level 1

              Thanks guys for your hints, I think I'm gonna go for desktop with the new purchase.

              But still, I wonder if I should be able to use one of mentioned above effects, to apply it to one short clip (10s), than render it and use a new version. Now, after applying my playback is almost freezed, but cpu works around 70% and ram much less. I'm asking because as I said there are people with i5 and 4/8gb ram and it seems like they can use some effects.

              Eric - I will check what will be result with what you have suggested.


              Is there anybody with simmilar machine maybe, so I could compare what other can do with own computer?


              THx and regards

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                JFPhoton Level 3

                ...first of all.....a 5400 rpm disk is BELOW spec for operating PPro. A minimum TWO 7200 rpm drives are required, and even THAT is a bare minimum. For now, you should replace your drive with a Crucial M550 SSD...just clone your existing drive onto it. Next, increase the system RAM to the maximum allowed....however, Windows 7 64bit Home Premium allows only a maximum of 16GB....hopefully, that is the version that you have. You can also download MSI Afterburner and CAREFULLY apply an overclock to the GPU memory clock.....monitoring the GPU temperature to make sure it stays low...below  67C should be OK.

                   The RIGHT thing to do would be to "shoot the works" and get a new Haswell E 5960X desktop system like the one Eric is using to provide the new test results !!!  It is so new and powerful, it should "future proof" you for at least SIX MONTHS !!!!