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    Passive 3D displays, anything other than AE needed to have some fun here?

    sinious Most Valuable Participant

      Hey all,


      After looking around I see some basic stereo-graphic tutorials but I don't see too much out there on the passive of active side.


      I read an extensive article on some of the basics (literally the only official thing I could find) but upon opening a new project, adding in a 3d layer, a camera, right-clicking on the camera and telling it to create a stereo 3d rig, AE CC 2014 flips out displaying this error until I had to end its task:




      So, ok.. let me baby step back a bit here. Is AE "itself" enough to produce anything a passive 3D HDTV can see in an interleave or side by side mode or do I need more software?


      Also what settings should I be using on my composition? Active glasses typically run at 60FPS, so what settings should I be using for passive (if it's even capable of producing something for passive)?


      Thanks for tips!