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    font size different in printed topic

    mwillms Level 1
      I've posted this question earlier, I think to the wrong forums, so I am re-posting here since it is related to html help printing....

      I've created help topics using verdanna 10 point size, and after compiling, when I print the topic from the html help i've created, the size instead prints in a much smaller point size, like 6 or 8. What might be causing this? When I view the topics prior to printing, they show correctly the 10 point size; it is only when printed they are much smaller. I recompiled in Win2000 and the same topic prints correctly. Any suggestions what might be the problem? This is not happening in all topics, only certain ones. I have tried removing formatting and no luck. I do have some images in the topic, but others that print ok do so as well.

      Thanks in advance for any help,

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Matt

          The short answer is to never print from the .CHM. Instead, provide a .PDF that your users may print, should they desire killing trees.

          Seriously, there are numerous issues when trying to print from .CHM files and the result is seldom satisfactory. This is because as you try to print, things are copied to a temporary folder and the links to your associated style sheets get munged in the process.

          Cheers... Rick
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            mwillms Level 1

            Yes, I do plan to provide a pdf file, but users will find a need to print a topic on occasion for specific reference, so i would like to try to find the answer to the problem. Seems odd that the font size should change on printing, when it appears ok in the help window.

            I found for one topic where i was having this problem, that if i inserted temp topics in between the start to the end of the document, that after inserting a new temp topic, the portion above printed ok. I repeated this several times, removing the adding temp topics, and eventually was able to get one topic i was having trouble with to print ok start to end.. I have other problem topics (long in length) and am unsure if this will work, but will give it a try. I was hoping there was something i was overlooking in the topic itself that was casuiing the problem, but given that it prints ok in Win2000 output, guess not. If you have other suggestions, please let me know.