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    Acrobat Pro XI won't update using CC desktop

    jscottCMD Level 1

      I have CC for teams and Acrobat XI Pro will not update through the Creative Cloud desktop app on Macs (haven't tested Windows yet). As a test I removed all instances of Adobe from my system (apps, application support files, prefs, launch daemons, everything) and installed the latest Creative Cloud desktop application ( as of 9/3/14). Logged in and installed Acrobat Pro and it installed version 11.0.0., not 11.0.7, or any previous version. Ok, so its installing an old version, kind of odd but surely the CC desktop app will know its out of date and offer an update. Nope. How about a restart... nope again. I tried this on a couple other systems and got the same results so it appears that the CC desktop app is installing out of date versions of the apps and then not recognizing they're out of date.


      Is this happening for anyone else?