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    InDesign CS6 crashing constantly - why?


      Since updating to Mavericks, my daily crashes whilst using InDesign CS6 (on an iMac) have escalated to a ridiculous degree and it doesn't seem to matter what I'm doing at the time. Have Googled this issue again and again, tried a plethora of suggested fixes from a variety of official / unofficial sites, trashed any suspect fonts, trashed ID prefs repeatedly, run diagnostics, and, after using this program since InDesign CS1, I'm over it!

      Every time ID crashes, I need to reset all preferences (that aren't included in the saved presets and workspaces) and this equates to about 5+ times a work-day – I'm sure others are having a similar or worse time with it – but it's a huge waste of productive time and difficult to explain (when you don't know why it's happening) to (non-creative) supervisors.

      I do not understand why Adobe is so reluctant to release any suggested fixes (that don't require a PHD in IT just to comprehend) and dragging its butt on addressing this MAJOR PROBLEM. Please don't give me a page of tech-speak – I'm a designer, not a scientist – but all suggested fixes will be considered!