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    CC not recognizing change in plan


      I just switched from the full Creative Cloud, to the Photographer version (I canceled my full CC plan too since that's what some Adobe webpage said to do). The app will not recognize the plan change, shown by every time I launch Lightroom I get a "you have 2 days remaining" popup.


      I have done the following on my Mac.


      1) followed the page that said to quit and restart CC app. Tried multiple times, didn't work.

      2) Signed out of CC and signed back in. Tried multiple times, didn't work.

      3) Restarted my Mac, then quit and restarted CC and signed out and signed back in. Didn't work.


      What else can I try to get this fixed? I'd like to be able to continue using Lightroom and Photoshop since I use them daily.