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    CS6 Indesign spell check not working


      I cannot get spell check to do anything. I have gone into the settings under edit and preferences and tried all the option but nothing happens. The text is all set to the english US dictionary. When I go to "check spelling" it never comes up with my intentionally misspelled words or any words. It doesn't seem to make a difference if text is selected or not. IS my only option to pay another $50 for a plugin?

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          I just looked at a document I was working on to see what my settings were set at.  Preferences - Under "Find" all are checked: Misspelled Words, Repeated Words, Uncapitalized Words and Uncapitalized Sentences. Below Dynamic Spelling is unchecked and Underline color I have Red, Green, Green Green Green. In the document I went to the first page, put my cursor on in the text box and then Edit/Spelling/Check Spelling. In the dialog box that appears when Check Spelling begins (if you can get that far) at the bottom - I select  "Document" under search.  Hope it helps..

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            I didn't actually change anything but now it is working... hopefully it stays that way. Thanks for responding.