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    ahhh.. LR 5 no longer shows my folders in the library before 6/1/2014.. I can find the images and see catalogs (kinda all greek to me)... so not sure what to do, to restore the Folders, but I can see the images themselves saved


      I somehow lost my folders in my library in LR5.. I think this took place when I added a new External HDD as the other was full.

      so not sure how to restore the Folders in LR5..

      I can see the images Saved on the HDD on the new external, but have no clue on how to restore , import.. of whatever the correct term is back into my library.. as well as my LR4 and LR3 folders as well.

      but more concerned right now on LR5 as 2013 and 1/2 of 2014 is missing..


      please help as this is very confusing to me..