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    SVG graphic appears pixelated


      Hi there,


      I placed text into an circle. In Edge preview all appears perfectly. But when I uploade the oam file, the line spacing and the font size has changed. Therefore it wont fit into the circle.


      To fix this, I converted in illustrator the text into vector graphic and placed it in Edge. With Edge preview all appear perfectly. But when I upload the oam the text in the inner circle is pixelated. It is kind of strang because the text in the outer circle (eg. Major surgical complications) is also a pasted vector graphic. In Google Chrome everything look quite good but in Safari looks like it is pixelated.


      What can I do to solve the issue?


      Here is the link to to graphic: ichom - mind-made





      Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-04 um 08.15.32.png