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    FLVPlayback Component for AIR & IOS




      I have referenced this and other forums several times in regards to this question, but would like to canvas it myself here once more in hopes of any new or additional insights that were absent before.


      I am developing an AIR application that uses a long (45min) video as a centerpiece. It necessarily (I think) needs to be applied with the FLVPlayback component because it is both masked by menu and playback controls, and has a large variety of interactive content layered on top of the full-screen (more or less) video.  As of now, the video is encoded in FLV, and works fairly well, but I do have some lingering performance issues, which I am asking help with here today.


      I have read that using FLV in iOS apps is not advised, but for the reasons listed above I most likely will have to do so. I don't think I can use the other options (stagevideo, or otherwise) due to the layering of content above the video, and an irregular mask. I have placed the video in the main directory of the app package (which made all the difference), used GPU, and tweaked the encoding ad nauseam. While all-in-all it has resulted in "okay" performance, I still have a slight but noticeable skip/hiccup/jump in the video during the more graphically intense portions of the production. This only occurs on the iPhone 4/s devices, while the iPhone 5 experience is flawless.


      So I am asking for ANY help/suggestions anyone could offer towards a possible solution/improvement to this problem. I would be grateful for any other setting, encoding, file structure, or alternate suggestions that I have not thought of or addressed.


      Thank you.