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    Can't view videos published to HTML5


      I am using the new Presenter 10 on a 64 bit machine running Powerpoint 2010.  I've imported the videos in MP4.H264 format.  Published successfully and uploaded to our webserver.  I've been using Presenter since version 6.0 and am very used to the product.  I was really looking forward the HTML5 abilities finally but have been very frustrated.


      When I publish to our server almost every slide works great across all platforms (IE, Chrome, Safari) on desktops and PCs.  The audio works, the forward and back works, animations work, everything is good except the videos.  I keep getting the continuous "buffering" message.  When I publish as "both" HTML5 and SWF the videos work correctly when viewed on a desktop machine, but don't work on a tablet, which is kind of the point to using HTML5 now.


      I tried contacting Support on this but its been almost a week with no results, anyone have any ideas?  I import the videos successfully with no error messages from Presenter.  Is there a "secret" setting when converting the videos or does anyone have ideas that our webserver is maybe missing a setting.


      Thank you

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          Hi jvanlue, I ran into the same issue.  After publishing an HTML5 only presentation, I could view everything fine from a browser on my desktop.  After the presentation was uploaded to our internal test server, I could view the presentation fine except for any slides with video where the continuous “buffering” message appeared.


          From what I read today, the difference between publishing HTML5 and Both (HTML5 and SWF), is that Flash enabled browsers (desktops) will use the flash version of the presentation. Tablets and desktops without Flash will use the HTML5 version.  If you right-click the presentation on a desktop browser, you’ll see the settings for Flash Player if it’s playing the Flash version, otherwise it is the HTML5 version.

          Our test server is running IIS on Windows 7.  What resolved my issue was adding the MIME type for .mp4 files in IIS.  This can be configured per site or globally.  The MIME type for .mp4 files should be video/mp4.  After adding the MIME type, I could view the whole presentation on my desktop browsers, my iPad (safari and Chrome), and my android phone.

          Hope this helps.


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            sidhartha Level 1

            Hi jvanlue,

            Can you share your presentation and the output zip file to dropbox and send the link to my mailid:sipanda@adobe.com.

            and also let me know some details :

            1 Server where your content is hosted.

            2 Device you are playing the content