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    RH HTML v9.0.2: Supported Version of Word Does Not Exist Error

    Etac2 Level 1



      I am running RoboHelp HTML v on a Windows 7 64-bit machine, with Microsoft Office 2013 32-bit installed.


      When I try to generate printed output, I get a message box stating that "A supported version of Microsoft Word does not exist.  Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or newer."  I have tried different projects, including the sample RoboHelp projects, and get the same message.


      I have read other similar questions, but for many of the people the problem was due to running a 64-bit version of Word.


      1) Is there somewhere in the RH interface that I can "select" the version of Word I am running or set the path to my Word install folder?

      2) Is there a fix available?

      3) Will upgrading to RH 11 fix the problem?


      Thank you for your input....