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    Two Creative cloud accounts - one computer. Help.


      Here's the deal - I have a creative cloud account on my home computer for photography and I do photography for work so I installed it on my work desktop too. So far that's been great. Now, however, my boss is also in need of my work desktop and wants to use cc application from his account on my work station. I only have cc for photography (lightroom and photoshop) and he has the full suite. Do I have to uninstall CC for myself and install his or is there a way to switch between accounts (and available applications) on the fly?

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          Atul_Saini Adobe Employee

          Hi ntsloan,


          You just have to sign out from your Adobe Id and let your boss sign in with his Adobe Id.

          Please refer : Sign out, Sign in | Creative Cloud Desktop app



          Atul Saini

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            What if I have an Adobe CC license for work on Windows, can I use it on my MAC at home?  I prefer the Apple Mac interface.

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              Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              CC works on either or both platforms under a single subscription you can be logged into 2 Macs, 2 PCs or one of each.

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                Abbe LUBELL Level 1

                This no longer works as of late October 2017:

                Under one Adobe ID (#1) I own a perpetual license to Lightroom 6.

                Under another Adobe ID (#2) I have my full CC subscription.


                With all of the programs I am fine with the new CC applications, except for Lightroom. I use them, and I pay as I go. If I ever take a year off, or retire, or whatever, not big deal. I got the use of the programs as I paid for them.


                Lightroom is different. With Lightroom we are building archives of all of our photography, our life's work. If I stop my subscription at some point in the future, I don't want to be cut off from my photography, from my thousands of hours of archival corrections and ratings.

                Lightroom has a different purpose. It's a different animal. So I want to use all of the CC apps except for Lightroom. For Lightroom, I want to continue using Lightroom 6.


                So I am legally paying for and have the right to both my CC subscription apps, and to my perpetual licensed Lightroom 6 app.


                The problem is that since the Oct 2017 introduction of Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC (the new online version), every time that I sign out of my Adobe ID #1 (Perpetual) and into my Adobe ID #2 (Subscription), Adobe Creative Cloud replaces my Lightroom 6 with the new Lightroom Classic CC.

                Not during the Update process in the menu (which has a checkbox for "Leave previous versions in place").

                It replaces and deletes Lightroom 6 simple just by signing in. Every single time.

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                  This is a TERRIBLE situation. I have a teacher/researcher subscription and who would like to pay 480 SEK for, said with CONSIDERABLE respect for Adobe products and so forth!, still experimental beta / feature-roll-up iand crashing iOS apps etc (partly perhaps due to the iOS 11 situation being what it is; apps are not always at fault, eg iCloud Photos is still alpha-stage; I am a researcher and entrepreneur in the field of software quality…, CTO, PhD, if that helps empowering my postulated facts, true as they are, and literally true; whilst at large due to the situation in the software industry etc etc etc; complexity, www.functor.se for the best tools to QA software for that matter, aside ending).


                  Adobe customer care and support recently is an experience that is in as great contrast as the best Lightroom high contrast preset (pitch black vs. beyond white, well….). Connected to new people and suddenly disconnected with claim that I did not respond in time. 12 hours. And so they billed me 2900 SEK, forgot to refund the two subscriptions that I was guided to over phone in the end (chat 6 hours first time gave, also, no real result, but I was at that point still happy somehow….; it is a great brand, probably a great company too).


                  I won't go into vigorous detail much more here. You get the picture. Great companies with superb products like Adobe are forgiven for Continous builds and continous feature rollout. 


                  BIUT two things are importan,

                  CUSTOMER SUPPORT and SALES PEOPLE that do what they commit to, and KNOW WHAT THEY SELL.


                  By accident I came today to see that they did not refund those first two invalid subscriptions AND billed me 490 SEK for something called Adobe Stock On Denand THAT I NEVER EVEN IORDErED. In fact, back in 2015 until december 2016 they unknowingly kept billing me for Adobe Stock and I have yet to claim refund for the monthly quota I only used once in December 2016,


                  We all know software Is the most complex kind of "thing" mankind ever has "created". Experts concur… Yours truly , forgive my bombastic statement of being such, but let's stick to the truth… SO, we can forgive bugs, and all such things. We DO WANT TO SEE an effort to help customers encountering them THOUGH. That makes ALL the difference at least as far as Adobe is concerned. They have yet to regain my unconditional loyalty and the brand  I have held in VERY high regard.,


                  FORTUNATELY, I called Sweden. Sione higher up woman took it seriously. She would not sort this out, but committed to coordinate everything and make it work out,. That is professionalism,. That is how a brand is nourished,. Customers are always right, including when they are very wrong,. Because coimpanies learn from customers even when customers are very wrong. In this case the customer may instead be weak above to right. And who on earth endures chat for 20 hours? I just wanted to buy the right product. And what is there to discuss about refunding me, though I have , at least before this experience…, not intended to bother them (and my time…) with all the amounts spent on NOTHING.


                  So they uninstall everything as you user Lightroom CC with two accounts. A chat guy confirmed with backend that it would absolutely work. It did NOT.


                  To generate revenue, it sort of begins with business modelling and pricing strategy. Again listening to customers is key. With haphazard totally unbelievable chat support, HOW can a company learn from the so very important insights communicated by chat and otherwise. How can they be a learning organisation?

                  Adoibe better invest in business development and customer care. Even strong brands can take a hit. I look forward to telling you all that this was all history and everything changes soon. The good news in what I said about the Swedish higher level decision maker. SHE OBVIOUSLY understood a bit about these things, and I assume more than I do. Perhaps some people at Adobe even understand that they cannot keep damaging their well earned brand. It is sort of loss of revenue that is minor over time to reorganising (entirely) customer care and train sales people so they know what they reassure they are selling us.



                  I HOPE to update this bleak statement and tell you that the CEO of Adobe somehow reads this. It cannot be news, can it really be? Get the subscription model right for "god's sake". You are NOT a start-up, Adobe. Nourish your brand, and secure revenue and avoid brand damage that I would still like to say is not fait overall, but entirely at the makings of Adobe itself!


                  I finally got upset. I think few would have been as patient as I was until that happened. I would recommend Adobe's CEO to read this. As I still wait for the refunds…., I would kind of appreciate consultancy rate per hour in giving this key advise to Adobe that will save them MUSD and MORE, not to mention whatever damages and revenue they already lost. It is not a great idea to save on customer care and training tech sales. Nor to ignore customers that get wiped two new topnotch MacBook Pro's as far as Adobe CC is concerned given their loyalty in believing almost until a point where it was naive … that they knew what the heck they were advising or doing. Companies that do not address these things may live on a strong brand for a long time. BUT is is not sustainable even for Adobe or Apple. They take collateral damage on their brand, and WHY oh WHY do they not fix that LONG ago? All else would then FLY? Basically, don't you concur with my still high regard for Adobe and the hour I now injected without billing Adobe for 20 hours+ of 390 EUR per hour consultancy fees. I hope I again did not waste time, since I have little use of airing frustration. I even have been to busy to bother about them billing me so much for NOTHING at all. Loyalty is so hard to gain, like trust can be, but OH how easy it is lost. Not on this guy. Just as long as the CEO reacts the very day he reads this comment. If their customer care MESS implies they do not have the TPS lean basic insight in the propagation from customers to management being a key driver to success...


                  www.linkedin.com/in/glimnming if you want to talk more to me. I have come to commit my life to software innovation and founded three companies in the area, plus one long before my Oxford and Cambridge and PhD and MBA came to give me fancy titles and if only to help me be what ANY human and customer equally deserves. Some serious treatment. They are unfaithful to THEMSELVES, and frankly I write this all, publicly!, since I feel "sad" when great companies get it all wrong for no reason but .– well, what exactly? Hardly creative talent is missing at Adobe, nor skilled business developer that would have much of this in the backbond without even ONE customer telling them that this is MORE SERIOUS to ADOBE than somehow they show ANY UNDERSTANDING of it being. Giants die too. Or else  tack collateral damage such as loss of revenue. Much is forgiven, software IS ciomplex. JUST TAKE US SERIOUSLY.. I DO NOT expect thanks, unless maybe their CEO ever reads this, and reaches out on LinkedIn. THAT would actually recover my loyalty quite well.