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      Our company is looking to take an internal print magazine to online only.  Ultimately the magazine will live on an internal web site. We'd like the magazine to have interactivity similar to what you see in app based magazines (slideshows, hyperlink, interactive buttons). Our issue is it will need to function both on Computers and tables. Would the DPS tools be able to create this or would we need to use a third party tool? I have been researching on the internet and it seems like a good deal of discussion is from a couple of years ago. Seems like a number of people recommended a tool called Edocker. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          Would the DPS tools be able to create this or would we need to use a third party tool?  Yes. Probably.

          But there are more questions to solve, like

          1. Tablets - app, ebook reader or website?

          2. Computer - website (most probably), but also ebook?

          Because the DPS is focused on ebooks and related apps, not websites. Best way would be HTML5 on a website, being compatible to browsers on PC, smartphones and tablets. For this, you don't need the DPS, but a different tool. Indesign is too powerless exporting interactive websites.

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            Petteri_Paananen Level 4

            eDocker CREATE! might do the job... here´s a small sample:




            This is so called web-app, which means you can host it inside your internal server. There´s also few examples of videos, slideshows, links etc

            Current version works with computers and iPads, support for Android will be released during this fall.


            You can use InDesign for putting everything together, after that you just finalize your project with eDocker CREATE!.

            eDocker is 3rd party tool, so it´s not free to use it, but you can subscribe for one month only if you don´t need it regularly...


            More info at www.edocker.com or contact kristian at kristian_dot_nieminen_at_edocker_dot_com, say hi from petteri and he will give you a discount....=)