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        Sumit Singh Adobe Employee

        Hi JayneMargaretW,

        Could you please share the issue in detail here.


        Looking forward to your reply.


        Thanks and Regards,

        Sumit Singh

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          JayneMargaretW Level 1

          Hi Sumit, I have solved the problem. I needed to open the 'Document Numbering Options' from the book panel as the automatic numbering hadn't been saved when I changed it on some of the documents. I still don't understand why it saved for some and not others but at least my book is making more sense now. Thanks

          This was the problem
          I have 16 chapters loaded as separate documents, the automatic numbering is as follows:-
          ch1 page no 1-4
          ch2 page no 1-16
          ch3 page no 1-16
          ch4 page no 17-32
          ch5 page no 33-52
          ch6 page no 53-172
          ch7 page no 73-82
          ch8 page no 1-12
          ch9 page no 1-10
          ch10 page no 11-22
          ch11 page no 23-44
          ch12 page no 45-58
          ch13 page no 59-64
          ch14 page no 65-72
          ch15 page no 73-100
          ch16 page no 1-4
          The Numbering and section options in each document is set on automatic page numbering. The Book page numbering options on the panel are set to 'continue from next page, and automatically update page and section numbers'.
          I have used a previous document as a template and didn't have a problem before now.

          Thank you for taking an interest, its very much appreciated.