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    Photoshop CC - PC Advise?




      I have Adobe Creative Cloud and use Photoshop CC. I have read the system requirements for this software so please don't post them.


      My set up after recent upgrades is:


      Processor: AMD FX (tm)-4300 Quad Core Processor 3.82Ghz


      RAM: 8GB


      System: Windows 7 64 bit


      Graphics Card: Nvidia Gefore 8800 GT


      I have just performed a shake reduction on a large image. Last time I did this my processor wasn't as good (don't know model just know it was inferior to this), well it was fine and it was my RAM that got choked.


      I've just done a shake reduction for the first time with the new processor in and my RAM was fine but my processor was maxed out at 100% and ran slower than before.


      I just can't understand it....can someone explain why this is?

      Is it taking advantage of the 4 processors?

      I have been told the only thing I should need to upgrade now is the graphics card as I am working towards getting this to run high end games such as Skyrim. But right now Photoshop is still struggling.