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    Using 2 Virtual RAM Disks for 4 Drive Workflow

    johnlockealderson Level 1

      I have a new workstation with a bit of teeth (see attached)

      2x Xeon E5-2620 2.10GHz Processors

      64GB RAM

      2x GeForce GTX 780s

      Asus Z9PA D8 Motherboard

      500GB SSD (OS/Apps)

      4TB Hybrid Drive (Footage)

      Windows 8.1 Pro+AE CC14


      Here's my allocation for memory & multiprocessing:





      I was looking at buying another small dedicated SSD drive exclusively for Cache (64GB SSD drives only $50, why not, right?) when I learned about Virtual RAM disks can run up to 600x faster than even SSD (whoa? really? whoa.)


      I should mention I'm a recent Windows convert (bled Mac all my life and can no longer pledge allegiance when this 3.5k machine would've easily gone well over 10k for it's Mac equivalent), so my question might be more of a noob Windows question rather than an AE one.


      Anyway, so my gameplan is to run AE on the OS/App SSD, build a 12GB Virtual RAM Disk for the collected folder "Workspace" (which would be temporary "Workspace" since it's a RAM disk), a separate 12GB Virtual RAM Disk just for Cache (and only allocate 8GB in prefs) and then output to the 4TB Hybrid for final renders. I downloaded installed ImDisk, mounted two 12GB drives



      Collected the build project from D:/ onto W:/, assigned Cache to Y:/ and with great anticipation was hoping to watch the green slider melt through the timeline like butter... and when I hit Enter.... my forehead crinkled... it actually ran significantly slower than before my Virtual Disk idea.


      I popped over to the Resource Monitor and saw this:


      Where all of those AfterFX.exe's are going through the Network I/O to the Address of TAPGRAPHWS1, which is my local machine name. It shouldn't do that, right?

      Why would AfterFX.exe be going through the network for a local RAM preview? All of the footage is on that W:/Workspace drive, is W:/ a drive letter reserved for network drives in Windows? Why does it think TAPGRAPHWS1 is a network at all when it's my local machine?


      Does anyone have any experience using Virtual RAM Disks in their workflow? I know it's dicey since it's a RAM disk and temporary, but if I can perfect this workflow, I'd setup images to be mounted, etc.


      Longtime AE'er, first time to ever post on the AE Forum, so thanks in advance for any suggestions or helpful advice.


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Why does it think TAPGRAPHWS1 is a network at all when it's my local machine?


          Why should it not? All drivers, Windows DDE and so on run through ports and a port is merely an abstract "network interface" in Windows terms. Anyway, it's a moot point. You are trying to build a fictitious quantum computer because you simply do not understand how this stuff works. Even a RAM disk is a virtual device and inevitably Windows will have to manage its port(s), assign resources and so on, ultimately presenting you with a bottleneck. None of this has any direct low-level access to the actual physical memory and in fact you are introducing overhead by building additional resource management (your RAM disk) on top of others (Windows' existing memory management) with additional "walls" (the port gateways across different processes/ sandboxes) for no good reason. And then, where does it even say that your RAM disks would not concurrently be used by other processes? Where does it say that the reserved RAM area is actually contiguous? There is just so much wrong with your plan. It really is pretty much nonsense, even more so since within AE's crooked MP rendering model there are so many other factors to consider already like how the processes are spawned when needed, how they hibernate in memory and the actual I/O overhead already introduced when you shuffle around gigabytes and gigabytes of redundant data. Again, you are wasting your time trying to make protons spin the other way...



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            johnlockealderson Level 1

            So... "No" is that what you're saying? That I'd be better off getting a small, dedicated SSD for cache? Is that what I'm to glean from your response?


            Thanks, I guess(?), Mylenium, for sort of answering my question, although I think you could have done so in a less hostile way. You could have just said "That's a bad idea. RAM disks will cause bottlenecks with other processes, and it's normal for AfterFX.exe to access Network I/O resources in Windows" and been done. And in response to a couple of your comments...

            You are trying to build a fictitious quantum computer

            It's not "fictitious" at all, it's a real machine. It's right here at my desk. I can even prove it, here's a picture:



            you simply do not understand how this stuff works.

            Isn't that the entire point of posting questions to forums? If you don't understand something, you internet sleuth for a while and if you still can't find answers, you post questions to a forum. I looked around for any mention of using RAM disks in an AE (or any post-prod) workflow, I found nothing and so I posted a question. ***edit*** I did just find a mention of RAM disks in the Adobe forum that never came up in my Google searches... curious(?) Adobe? are you and Google not playing nice? Anyway, there WASN'T really an answer there either. Adobe folks, is there any way to use RAM disks in an AE workflow that would take advantage of the R/W speed of the RAM disk?***



            In all seriousness, though, thank you for answering my question. RAM Disks=Tampering with powers I can't possibly understand... or can we(?)