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    open command problems

      The project I am working on requires that I include pdfs on the cd-rom that can be opened from director in adobe reader on both mac and pcs. I have been able to successfully get the pdf to open in preview on my mac, using the open command, but the problem is that it only works while I am testing the project. It does not work after I publish the dir file. I also can not get it to work at all on a PC.

      This is the lingo I used.

      on mouseUp me
      sprite(32).visible = FALSE
      open the moviePath & "test_timeline.pdf" with the moviePath & "Preview"

      Any help would be deeply appreciated


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          jdzemmer Level 1
          Gosh I'm such an idoit.

          To solve my problem I used BuddyAPI with the following script. I still don't know why I couldn't get the open command to work, but Buddy API solved my problem.

          on mouseUp me
          sprite(32).visible = FALSE
          -- opens specified file.
          -- Note you must embed budyapi extra in your projector
          -- Go to the menu bar MODIFY--Moivie--Xtras and choose add then select BuddyAPI
          baOpenFile(the moviePath&"test_timeline.pdf", "Normal")