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    So what is all this disk cache stuff anyway?

    yash-lucid Level 1

      Can anyone explain to me what exactly the AE disk cache is and when it's used?


      Why am I asking, well, my disk cache was full and I needed to render, so I was uncertain if clearing the cache will make the renders go faster (more space to scratch), or if leaving it will make it go faster (more cached memory to use, saving time from actual computing), so how exactly does it work and which option would be better? Clean or no clean before render?


      Also what is conformed media cache and the database for it? Can this conformed cache be on the same ssd as the disk cache?


      And then, why does Multiprocessing take twice as long on my 4930K CPU? Is that feature better suited to dual-xeon systems? When does one use it?


      Lastly, and this should be in the hardware forum, but what should one look for in a graphics card? Clock speed? CUDA cores? Memory? What's the recipe that we need to take into account?