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    Cant connect to my WSDL?!?!


      Im pretty new to Flex but have quite a bit of experience working with Web Services using Java. At first implementing web services looked like a piece of cake in Flex but Im stuck at the very beginning try to load my WSDL.

      I am trying to connect to my companies session WSDL @ http://michael.communityzero.com/ws/api/Session.wsdl

      I have created a few different Java Apps that use this WSDL so I know it works but for some reason I am unable to simply connect to it using Flex 2.0. I keep receiving this same error no matter how many different methods Ive tried to follow:

      [RPC Fault faultString="The WSDL parser had no registered document for the namespace ''" faultCode="WSDL.UnrecognizedNamespace" faultDetail="null"]

      All I am using to connect is:

      <mx:WebService id="serviceID" service="SessionLoginService" port="SessionLoginPort" wsdl=" http://michael.communityzero.com/ws/api/Session.wsdl"></mx:WebService>

      Is there something wrong with my WSDL or am I missing something when trying to connect to the WSDL. Any help pointing me in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated!!!