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    Multi-Lang support and slides issue

    Hasenstein Level 1
      First, is anyone here using slides-based Flash documents at all? Whenever I post my (IMHO well-researched) questions/reports, like the one linked to below, I never get an answer. By now I'm ready to give up completely on slide-based documents and ready to convert it all to "flat" Flash docs, but I'm just curious why the numerous horrible bugs in slides get no response, did everyone else but me know not to use them???

      (older problem, actually more a report because there is no solution, it's clearly a bug IMHO:
      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=15&catid=288&threadid =1255720&enterthread=y)

      Anyway, I found a new issue, which, like last time, I first successfully and easily recreated using a fresh (slide-based) document to make sure my AS code isn't interferring.

      Doing the same experiment with bot a "normal" Flash document and with a slide-based one, I created a dynamic text field and followed (Macromedia/Adobe) instructions to setup multi-language support (en,de) for the text field, using the Strings dialogue.

      It all worked as it should in the regular Flash doc, but nothing worked in the slide-based one. Right now I'm trying to see if I can still get it to work using the Locale class and AS code, but that doesn't seem to work either.

      Again, by now I've pretty much decided to abandon slide-based layout because of the bugs and the non-existing feedback, I'm only curious if I was the only one who ever even tried slides...(?)