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    QR codes data merge for delegate badges




      We are creating delegate badges for a event and have 300 names and details we would like to merge into a badge design,

      merge fields have been done <Name> and <Company> however the client has requested a qr code that can be scanned to phone and creates a vcard.


      i have read the support about data source files, however as a novice to excel, I am not sure how i create the 'csv' so it import and creates a QR code

      any help would be very much appreciated

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          MW Design Level 5

          This thread may help:

          QR Code Datamerge?


          And note this one, too...it relates to the first link.

          Re: how generate QR codes in data merge?


          Take care, Mike

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            marcuspure Level 1

            Thanks mike,


            I saw these, however the stumbling bloc for me is the csv\excel and how i set that up for a vcard

            the post explaining BEGIN:VCARD\nVERSION:2.1, etc...just didn't make sense .........

            as reading it, sounds like I would need to do this to each of the delegates manually, which then it is weighing up the time spent doing that or doing each qr code in design, copy and pasting in the fields, either way is far to long!

            I'm a creative designer, i do pretty pictures

            kind regards


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              MW Design Level 5

              Hi Marcus,


              I can make a sample file up later tonight and see what happens. I haven't done QR codes via a merge before. But I'll give it a whirl. But in short, yes, that needs done for each delegate. I would be using a formula to concatenate the pertinent fields. But my data isn't likely to be formatted like your data, so...


              If you could obfuscate some of your data but have it still in its columns/rows as it is present in your real data file, it would make the test a bit more apples to apples for me. The other option would be to take a few records, make a new data file, upload it to dropbox.com and PM me the download link, that would also work.