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    Formatting Multiple Choice fields and Include Help Text missing


      Four questions about an Acrobat Reader-fillable (not an online form) form created in FormsCentral:

      1. How do I align the choices in a Multiple Choice field? They appear neatly aligned in FormsCentral, but the choices are not aligned in Reader. I am not Stacking Choices Vertically. Some of my MC have many choices and I want them to appear in columns and for the checkboxes of each column to align neatly.

      2. Why is my "Other" choice in MC fields not appearing in Reader with a free text field next to it?

      3. Why are the titles of all my MC fields appearing in Reader as free text fields (which are obscuring my field titles)?

      4. Why can't I see my "Include[d] Help Text" when I view the form in Reader?