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    Fix focus / active window from panel to image document ?


      Question with a Photoshop html5 panel.


      After I run an action in my new panel, the priority is still with the html5 panel, and not the active image document open.

      Lets say I click on the button on the panel that does an action, then I want to save so I hit command-s on the keyboard, well it won't save because command-s isn't an option because the panel is the active window. Is there a command I can insert into the photoshop.jsx function that will return the active window to the image document. I hope that makes sense. Here is a code snippet:





                   run : function() {


                        /**********  Replace below sample code with your own JSX code  **********/

                       app.doAction ('convertoadobe98', 'actionsetCC2014')



                       return appName;






      I'm wondering if I can insert something into this to fix that issue?

      I assume I would put something in the photoshop.jsx file and not the index.html file.