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    Nameable or Note-able Keyframes for masks in basic character lip synching




      My names Don, I just joined the forum to make an open suggestion for a tool in after effects.  Chances are its been suggested a million times or is in a version I don't yet own.


      Working on a small video which called for a very basic lip sync in a simple vector cartoon style I had to say no because of time constraints.  After delivery looking back I realized if if I could have marked keyframes for certain mask positions on the mouth and had the labeled by colour or name as vouls or consinents I could have simply arranged words and smoothed them out with a graph in no time. 


      Certainly this is do-able with sotring normal keyframes on the timeline, but maybe it would be faster to be able note specific keyframes with letters or colours.  This could apply to any effect you might use multiple keyframes on like pulsating a particle flow.  At very least when you sit next to a producer it would look pretty cool hitting 'u' and seeing all the colours, no?


      Either way, its just a thought - I would have found it useful many times in the past for certain types of work!