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    Scale Multiple Objects, with center as reference point, without moving group

    architecture_design Level 1

      Hello -


      I would like to scale multiple objects, from their center, without moving the group. I have found out how to scale objects from the center (setting the reference point in the transform panel to the center and using the free transform tool), but I would like to select a bunch of objects, and scale them up from the center, without the group getting larger.


      I want to use this for key points on plans. Say I have 25 little circles with numbers in them on the plan, and I want to blow them up to 200%, but I want them to stay in the same place, is it possible to do this all at once? Or, do I have to re-scale each object up individually? The problem I'm running into is even if I'm scaling up the objects from the center, the objects move, and lose their place on the map. So, I've been doing each one individually.


      Thanks for any help!