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    PhotoShelter's (official) Lightroom plugin can't log in

    Mikkasa Level 1

      Hi – I wonder if any LR geeks could possibly help me out. I'm having no luck getting LR (v5.4) to connect to PhotoShelter via the 'Export... > Export To' dropdown menu.


      I've confirmed my UN and PW are correct, checked my firewall settings, uninstalled/reinstalled the plugin, tried different plugin locations, updated LR... nothing works. The error message is:


      Unable to connect to PhotoShelter server.

      Please check your username and password.


      I am able to log in successfully from another installation of LR at another location, so the problem is with my particular setup. This Mac has always had LR installed and used to connect (via the Publish module, using the Pact plugin) without a problem. That stopped working at LR v4.0 and I've not managed to connect to PhotoShelter with either plugin since.


      I'm thinking it could be a preferences issue – but where do I start? I really don't want to go deleting prefs files in case I lose saved settings etc. Or is there something else that could be preventing the login?


      Appreciate any help!




      Lightroom v.5.4, Mac OS 10.7.4, 2009 iMac 27"