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    Please critique my new build


      Please critique my new build


      Hard for me to choose between the i7-5930 build vs i7-4930 I also was thinking of using this video card Asus STRIX-GTX780-OC-6GD5 instead of the one listed


      Intel Core i7-5930K, Asus GeForce GTX 770, Cooler Master HAF 932 - System Build - PCPartPicker

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Nice build list!


          At this price point, I would personally want to:

          a) break the bank even more and get the 5960x 8-core (Eric Bowen's initial testing at ADK are proving this CPU is a computational monster and it clocks to 4.4GHz or better for most users), or

          b) save a ton of money on RAM and scale back to the 4930k option


          Another thing to consider is your media and workflow. What media, how many layers, any 3rd party add-ins, etc. If RED 4k or bigger is ever in your plans, get the 8-core. If you are max'ing out at AX100 or G4 4k, DSLR footage, AVCHD, GoPro, etc., the 6-core will probably serve you pretty well for a long time. Note not all 4K is the same! RED (.rd3) files are packed with information. The lighter weight 4k media is MUCH less taxing on your PC.





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            JFPhoton Level 3

            .....if you stick your head out of your bedroom window late at night....you will hear Paul Revere yelling : "4K is coming...4K is coming !!! "  Then, after reading Eric's posting of all the Haswell E test results....as General Patton said : "...YOU'LL KNOW WHAT TO DO !!"