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    Creating (sharing) a video with a sound-track as .wmv file,  no sound track. Any ideas?


      I'm a new user, and I have imported a video file (created by PowerPoint, and a sound-track (created by Cubase software from Steinberg.

      When I view the video within Premiere Elements it's all there - video and audio both. However, when I try to create an external .wmv file (Publish+Share), I don't get any audio.

      Set up is Windows PC running Windows XP SP3, with 4 GB of RAM, and 500 GByte hard drive. Premiere Elements version is 11.0

      What I'm doing:

      I imported the input video file and dropped it on the main Video1 timeline. Then I dropped the finished sound-track on Audio 1. When I click Play, I hear the sound-track and see the video. To Publish+Share, I select Computer from the drop-down menu. Then, in the location and settings list I select Windows Media.I choose 720*480 pixels, 4:3 aspect ration and 29.97 frames per second. In the Advanced.. panel, I make certain that Export Video and Export Audio are both checked. Ther dialog box reports that it will create a 174 MByte file, with 440 kbps/ 96 kHz audio in a 2-channel configuration.

      So I click Save, and the program hems and haws for about 34 minutes, and says it's done. All I get is the video - in a 16.414 MByte file (the original input file, also .wmv was only 9.1 MBytes), so something must have happened. However, all I get is video, and no sound-track.

      I'm totally convinced that the problem lies between my ears, but I'd like to hear someone provide some guidance. I've missed the deadline for an important project, and I don't want to slip any further :-(


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Let us back track through the details.


          Premiere Elements 11 on Windows XP 32 bit.


          What are the video compression and file extension of the file created in PowerPoint? What version PowerPoint? What is the frame size and frame rate?

          What are the audio compression and file extension (mp3 or .wav) of the audio created with this Cubase software? Are you dealing with mono, stereo, or 5.1 channel?


          From your description, it sounds like you are letting version 11 set the project preset for you. What is it setting? We can find that out from the reading under Edit Menu/Project Settings/General - Editing Mode, Timebase, Frame Size, Pixel Aspect Ratio, even if the fields appear to be grayed out.


          If you import your .wmv export back into the Premiere Elements project, do you see content in both the video and audio tracks? If so, do both play back when you press the play button of the Edit area monitor?


          Have you checked Edit Menu/Preferences/Audio Hardware and ASIO and have you checked out your audio in the Edit area with the Audio Meter opened to verify sound level? See Window Menu/Audio Meters.


          Is the problem confined to this PowerPoint video and Cubase audio? What happens if you try this with a video from your camera and soundtrack from one of the SmartSound soundtracks?


          Please review the above and then let us know the answers to the questions.


          Thank you.