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    How to get back old windows view on photoshop cc?

    RealAnise Level 1

      Hey all,


      It seems like somebody else must have asked this question at some point... but here it is again, because I can't find the answer! The old PS windows view was exactly what I needed. (the option for one or multiple views of the same file in different non-floating windows, located in the center menu bar. Mine is in 5.1.) It isn't there in PS CC (in the default view or any other that I can find, anyway.) I really need to have this so that I can display and compare several slightly different working versions of the same file side by side, one on top of the other, etc. This is also the easiest and most straightforward way to easily drag content from one comp to another, IMHO, but that's not the biggest issue. Being forced to work with floating windows as the only option is just not something I'm willing to do. It's almost getting to the point where this is the biggest single issue that would keep me from moving to CC.


      Is there any way of bringing back this old windows view option? It's hard to believe that there wouldn't be-- I can't be the only one who needs this for the best workflow-- but who knows... All thoughts and info appreciated.