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    When I edit speech analysis text in Premiere, AE imports the audio file with markers for both the original and the edited speech markers

    pkroll Level 1

      I ran speech analysis on an audio file in Premiere CC 2014. I went into the Analysis Text box and tweaked a bunch of the words.


      When I later imported that audio file into AE, it created a whole mess of markers overlapping on top of each other. It looks like they are for both the original speech analysis and the edited version.


      I opened the file in Prelude and it correctly shows only the edited version, with no sign of the original.


      The only work-around I could find was to re-export the audio file from AE with no XMP metadata, and use Prelude to attach the markers by copying them across from the original audio file. Then it imported into AE with only the correct markers.


      Any ideas? This is a workflow I'd really like to use in the future.