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    Standalone recording capability?


      I'm a licensed user of Captivate. I use it all the time here at RSA, the Security Division of EMC.
      I build demos using our products, then capture the demos to produce screencasts. People really
      like them and find them useful.

      Something I would find useful is a standalone recorder for Captivate. I can't always use my licensed
      laptop to capture stuff from my demo systems. Because I run all my stuff on VMware, I kinda get around
      that by taking a VMware snapshot, installing the 30-day trial of Captivate, capture what I need, and then
      delete the snapshot and edit the resulting .CP files on my licensed copy. If there was a standalone
      recorder that would only output .CP files that could only be read by a licensed copy, that would help

      Any thoughts on that?