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    Easily removing unwanted styles

    Kevin Elmore Level 1
      I could have sworn this was already covered on these forums, but a search of "remove style" and "delete style" did not yield anything for me. So, I apologize if this has indeed been covered and I'm simply too dense to find it on my own.

      I inherited a project where many cooks spoiled the broth, and now it is chockful of styles. While our standards call for about 10 styles, there are dozens upon dozens of styles in this project--most are similar to each other, such as many variations of Bullet-List-1/List-Bullet-1. Fortunately, they all are attached to one CSS, but that CSS is just a bloody mess.

      I could, of course, go through the Styles dialog box and delete each unwanted style. That is a bit tedious but doable. I would be happier with a method for deleting multiple styles. If someone has wisdom in this category, I'd love to hear it.

      This opens a different can of worms. The big problem is that I have several paragraphs attached to styles that I want to delete. Deleting the styles results in a formatting nightmare if I don't identify each of these paragraphs first and apply the appropriate styles. Is there an easy way to see what styles are in use and in what topics? I checked the Reports, but the best I can get is which topics are attached to what CSSes. I could, of course, use the Multi-File Find and Replace feature, and I'm not above that, if it's the best option (sadly, FAR is not an option for me at this company, though UltraEdit is).

      Any insight from the pros? Am I on the right track? Is this task simply as daunting and overwhelming as I think?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Kevin. I believe that if you delete a style from the style sheet all the text that uses it reverts back to the "based on" style used when it was created. For example if you create "Style1" based on the "Normal" style, text reverts back to the "Normal" style if "Style1" is deleted. This may hopefully help with your tidy up although I don't know of a way to delete multiple styles.