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    Indesign CS6 printer settings reverting to default




      We have a problem which has started recently for some students when printing from Indesign CS6. Most of them have print presets which they created months ago for printing to the default printer using secure print, A3, heavyweight paper, bypass tray etc. They were working fine, but now, when they print a document using that preset it just prints on standard paper and normal (not secure) print.


      I checked their print presets and in the setup for the printer within the print preset the settings have changed to the default settings. If I delete the preset and create another one any changes I make in the setup / preferences for that printer revert back as soon as I click 'Ok'. A work around I have found is that  when I click 'setup' if I click on any other printer, then click back to the correct (default) printer, then click preferences and make the changes they stick and do not change back to the default settings.


      This issue happens without using print presets as well, If you choose file / print and then setup, and you do not click on any other printer and then back again to the correct printer before clicking 'preferences' any changes you make will revert to default as soon as you click 'Ok'


      It only seems to be affecting Indesign.


      The printer is a Xerox Docucenter C6680, using the PCL 6 driver on a print server. We are also running Papercut.


      Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I have tried trashing the Indesign prefs but this does not seem to help