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    Where might I find a good tutorial on creating an HTML-5 based extension for Flash Pro CC?


      I have extension builder 3 installed in eclipse and it appears to be working like normal. I'm able to create a new extension builder project. I need help taking the next steps.


      Previously in extension builder 2.1 and Flash Builder 4.6 it auto-created the .mxml and .as files for me so all I had to do was insert a bit of jsfl into the as script section and save and could see it show up as a panel in my Flash Pro panels menu. With EB3 I can't really tell what it's doing and am unsure on how to continue, are there any boiler plate files available I can plug in? I want to start simple and add a button, a bit of jsfl, and progress but can't seem to get past installing eb3. Any help or tutorials available? Thanks