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    Misplaced Library Catalog


      Recently upgraded my hard drive from 1TB to 2TB and Lightroom 5 can't find the catalog. Before the upgrade, no problem. After the upgrade and a secondary fix to make Windows 7 happy, Lightroom can't find the appropriate catalog file, and any folders I select that I know I worked on, Lightroom views as a new import and no reflection of my prior work.

      Set-up: Prior to hard drive upgrade, c: drive was HHD with operating system and major programs, like Lightroom. Photos, video, music, documents and other minor programs were on the 1TB drive which Windows labeled as e: and all the paths are based on the e:. Windows apparently gave d: to the DVD burner. As part of the 2TB install, Windows decided to reverse itself and made that drive d: with the DVD burner e:. That, of course created massive ciaos as Windows couldn't launch programs that were not originally installed on the HHD c: drive, or find photos or documents on e: which was now a DVD drive. I launched Lightroom  and it returned an error message that could not find catalog on e:(and a file path). Surprising that set the catalog file on e: when the program is installed on c:. Resolved the Windows mess by signing on as an administrator and reassigning the drive letters on both the 2TB drive and the DVD drive to reflect what Windows had prior to the upgrade,


      All programs now work, can find photos and documents without a problem. The only problem is Lightroom finding it's past work and applying the instructions it created. It appears that Lightroom is now trying to establish it's Catalog on c: drive. How do I point it to the appropriate file on e: drive?