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    Resolution drops when using type effect over image

    OzCanuck Level 1

      Using a type effect over an image causes the resolution to drop below acceptable levels (211 dpi). The client has used a glow effect around text to knock back the image for better legibility. The image is 300 dpi, the text box is transparent with an outer glow effect. I matched the effect with a drop shadow using white but the problem still happens. I've increased the resolution of the image to 600 dpi, same problem. My transparency flattener presets: Raster / Vector Balance 100, Line art and text resolution 2400ppi, Gradient and mesh resolution 400ppi. Downsampling for PDF export is off. Printing postscript doesn't solve the problem. I've solved the issue by recreating the effect in Photoshop and turning the effect in InDesign off. This is in CS6, but I've opened the file in CC 2014 and have the same problem. Anyone have a solution?