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    Indesign CS6 crashes when copying pages between documents

    Doc Maik Level 4

      I have two documents and I want to copy 28 pages from one to the other. Indesign crashes on any form of attempt. What I tried so far:

      1. Copy pages per drag and drop, ID would then ask where to insert, I selected "at the end". Crash.

      2. Save both documents as IDML, then opened the IDMLs, saved as INDD (to erase possible document structure corruptions), closed and opened both INDDs again, then drag and drop. Crash.

      3. Selected the 28 pages from the source document, selected "Insert pages" from mini menu of pages panel, then set what pages to use, where to put ("At the end") and target (the other document). Crash

      4. Tried both, "Insert pages" and drag 'n drop, with different target position "At the beginning". Crash.

      5. Saved a copy of the source document, reduced it to contain only those 29 pages I want to copy, then drag and drop to target. Crash.

      6. Tried vice versa, means copy all target document's pages to the source document. Crash.


      Any idea how I can get the pages over to the target? There is unfortunately no "Append pages from file" in the mini menu.


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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          I would try another one with each of these documents.

          1. Create a new document with 2 pages.
          2. Name the master pages so, that their names are not conflicting with neither of these 2 document’s masters.
          3. Delete every style in that empty document, also any swatch
          4. No drag the pages of the first document into such an empty document.
          5. Do the same step 1 to 4 with the second document in a NEW empty document.
          6. Now you have 2 new documents. Take care that no conflicting master names appear.
          7. In each of these documents create in each style panel a folder and drag all used styles in that folder.
          8. Save both documents
          9. Try again to insert the pages of both documents.


          Otherwise, it this does not work out, could you send me via private message the files or a link. I would check it with a Debugging Version of InDesign (InDesign DEV) I can use to find errors.