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    Set whitebalance to a minimum, from inside ACR itself (ie preset)


      Hi there


      I'm a web/mobile developer but have never scripted in Photoshop much... and I don't want to learn what I don't have to

      What I want: when i'm in Bridge -> ACR going through 500 images, I use a preset to set things (ie. get an image style). Now, I find that some of my cameras often have a white balance that is too cool... so, I want a "preset" (or script? or whatever I can click / batch / use from ACR or Bridge easily) that can leave the white balance as it is, UNLESS it is under some minimum I specify (ie. 4400), in which case it is raised to that minimum.


      I know it probably sounds weird but it would save me a lotta time..


      thanks for any help