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    Error while changing between modules


      Dear Know-it-All out there.


      Iam a Newbie - Middlebie Photosop User , so to keep it short.

      We just installed CC with Lightroom & PS. The problem „Error while changing between modules“.
      is occurring while starting Lightroom and the program cannot be used properly.
      There seems no chance to create a catalog properly, the Library just

      does not open any menu which it should do.
      Adobe Support could not work it out either so roar, their suggestions was
      to restart in safety mode / deleting library 5plist / plus many more

      little stuff which actually did not help.  This is already the second installation ,

      same problem as with the first. We are working on a IMac 2.9GHz, i5, 8GB 1600Mh, OSX 10.9


      Any ideas? Thank you so much and kind regards.