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    Packing and publishing C++ Plugins for Premiere Pro CC

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      I'm not sure if this is the correct sub for this issue, but it looks like the best starting point for now. Please redirect me if there is a sub better suited for my case.


      I'm developing C++ based (After Effects/Premiere Pro SDK) plugins for Premiere Pro CC and I'd like to publish those to be accessible via Adobe Exchange and therefore installable via the Extension Manager.

      I know that the plugins need to be packaged as .ZXP and that all files need to be defined in a .MXI file with a corresponding target path.

      Sadly every documentation and sample I found didn't contain examples or further details on how to that for Premiere Pro plugins.

      One documentation contained product specific tokens that can be used in the .MXI, but Premiere Pro or After Effects weren't listed at all.


      Is it even possible to correctly publish and install those plugins via the Extension Manager?

      What about other prerequisites like C++ redistributables? Is it possible to install those together with the plugins?

      Or what if there are routines that need to be run during installation or deinstallation, like activating and deactivating the plugin online?


      And what is the most up-to-date place to go for information, documentation and samples relevant for CC extensions, plugins etc.? (The amount of seemingly outdated documents, examples and websites is slightly confusing.)